2 Spades: Abundance, Affluence, Beauty, Prosperity, Wealth

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – and so are abundance, affluence, prosperity and wealth!

When considering any of these as a possible core value, with the exception possibly of beauty, money certainly comes to my mind!  However, all of them are more than they may first appear.

You may, for instance, value a wealth of beauty  – what impact could that have on your life?  It may:

  • influence what career you choose e.g. architect, beautician, environmentalist;
  • have an impact on your relationships e.g. you may think it is important that your partner has classic beauty and makes an effort to keep it so (as you may also do);
  • mean you want to buy the best because that is your interpretation of beauty (this may be for a large investment – such as a car – or every day items like food);
  • influence what holidays you want, going to places that are beautiful as far as you are concerned, preferring to wait until you can afford to go than to compromise.

Having said money comes to mind for all except beauty, I then give an example where money is pertinent to beauty!

As you may have already noticed, when making any of these words core values, the consequences will vary according to the situations as well as to how they are interpreted.  So, for example, some people may consider being prosperous as having a lifestyle that costs around £50,000 per annum.  While for others it would be £500,000 per annum!  Both are valid.

One thing is for certain, when setting up any core values that other people need to demonstrate, it is important to be clear what behaviours etc are associated with each core value.  And that those people are involved in discussions about such detail.  This way they are far more likely to commit to the behaviours.

Here’s a personal example.  When I was reviewing my core values, I found that one core value, ‘well-being‘, included the presence of confidence, courage, flow, hope, optimism, intuition, meaningfulness, openness and curiosity.

If you had asked me what ‘well-being’ involved beforehand I suspect I wouldn’t have mentioned most of what I’ve described!  Words like physical and mental health would have come to mind.  Now when I compare the two, I can appreciate that my mental health is linked to many of the words I’ve used – e.g. the presence of confidence, optimism and curiosity.  These words give a much clearer picture what ‘well-being’ is for me.

What about you?

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