My Values

Studies of successful organisations have indicated that values and Valuesethics play an important role in organisational effectiveness.

Helen Harrison UK has developed its approach that pulls together its knowledge about and experience in human resources and people development.  It recognises that when product values, organisational culture and employee values are in alignment with each other, the business works cohesively, using all the available energy towards the organisation’s goals to great effect.

My personal mission is to bring connection, compassion and fun into everything I do.  Naturally these are my core values!

Here is a summary of what these words mean to me:

  • connection:  authenticity, awareness and understanding, clarity, ease and flow, friendship, give-and-take, learning, richness, trust and wholeness

For instance, I will tell you how I see it.  If I believe someone else will supply you a better result, or that a particular intervention is likely to achieve little, I will say.  I believe that you have the answer that suits you – and help you let it out into the light.  I am aware that what looks real to me is just my perspective and others will see the same things differently – neither is right or wrong, just different.  And connection gives richness to life.

  • Compassion: appreciation, decency, roundedness, honouring, impartiality, insightfulness, open-mindedness, patience, practicality, respect and tranquility

Admitting mistakes, or feeling vulnerable or needing support, can feel hard to acknowledge to yourself let alone other people.  And yet it is a treasure trove when done.  Honouring where people are and how they see things is important – it helps no-one to work on the basis of ‘but they should ….[whatever this may be]’. It’s like planning a trip from Glasgow when you are actually starting from Swansea!

  • Fun:: choice, curiosity, flexibility, ingenuity, laughter, not taking myself too seriously, optimism, spontaneity, well-being

I know that when I am too serious, I’m not functioning so well.  The light touch of fun seems to allow ingenuity to arise and a flexible perspective allows new thought to arrive and be noticed.  There happens to be a lot of evidence that shows staff, who enjoy their work, are more productive and the organisation is more successful.  What a bonus, eh!?  For all concerned.  Yes, it is likely we will feel some bits are difficult – that’s normal.

I know I am a human being with human frailties!  Therefore, I promise I will demonstrate these values to the best of my abilities.