Practical Application of Values when Creating Website

Sometimes I get asked what practicality living your values have.  So I thought I’d give an example – or, if I wanted to use more business-like terms, a case study.

During one of the workshops I’ve recently run on living your values in business, one person gained insight on what to do with her website.  She had already started creating her website.  However, she knew it wasn’t quite sitting right.  During the workshop, the participants followed a process which led to them not only working out what their 4 to 6 core values were, but also how the other values that were important to them supported/interacted with these core values.

They were then encouraged to consider how their new-found awareness about their values might help them in a recent/current work-related situation.  This particular person suddenly appreciated that a key purpose of her website is to start the process of helping people to trust her.  So far her coaching clients have been referred to her by strong recommendation or already knew her – in other words, they already had a strong base of trust.  People meeting her for the first time on her website wouldn’t have that background knowledge.  So obvious, yet it hadn’t struck her until working with her values.

Through discussion she started to work out how this could be accomplished – e.g. through showing her own fallibility and include examples of her own mistakes,  describing her own experience of using the same process and giving examples of the results achieved with past clients.  This openness not only would help people to get to know her as a whole being but also it fitted in with her values!  Great result eh?!

When she first started drafting her website she had assumed she had to show how good she was.  Now she recognises the value of  demonstrating her humanity within it all.

How can your own core values support you with one of your work situations?

4 thoughts on “Practical Application of Values when Creating Website

  1. I think honesty goes a long way in all walks of life be it personal or professional life.People one day or the other will definitely look upon you if you have been truthful to them. I myself won’t like to work with a dishonest person ! The first parental lesson taught to kids is to be truthful , then how can we forget it ? Values and principles shape my life and have always lead me towards a bright path.:)
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  2. Hi Kate, Thank you for your comment. I’m glad we agree. And yet, of course, there are so many cultural norms that get in our way of being authentic.

    For instance, children are given mixed messages – unintentionally, I’m sure. When a boy cries, he may be told to be brave and not cry even though his honest response is to cry! Or when a child makes a truthful comment like ‘look there’s a person with only one leg’ and is told ‘sshshsh, it’s not nice to say that’ or words to that effect! And as adults at work, we’re often told to leave our personal life at home. I remember both saying and thinking this! And this is despite me valuing honesty.

    best wishes, Helen

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