What You Can Achieve

At the end of the day you want to know that you can trust me to help you accomplish the changes you want in a way From the impossible to the possiblethat suits you. In this section I demonstrate the kind of results our clients have reported.

Helen Harrison UK has been working with people who want to make the most of themselves, to gain work satisfaction – and enjoyment (yes, better performance is inevitably linked).  I’ve worked with large and small businesses in the UK.  I have gained feedback that supports my approach.  It can work for you too.

Results you can expect

My overall commitment is to ensure you find the solution that works for you.  You may even achieve results in the days and weeks ahead that you hadn’t anticipated.  One or more of your desired outcomes may be to …

  • Handle specific people situations, which previously you found hard – and be consistently successful: for instance, integration of a team from another organisation that your business has acquired.  Or feel confident about facing someone with news you know they won’t want to hear.
  • Build collaboration, teamwork and trust – resulting in increased organisational effectiveness and the thrill of work: for example, you find ways to gain and give trust to a team you ‘inherited’ and so improve their effectiveness as a team and enjoyment of work.  Another example is to know how to come across as a new director and gain trust from people who know it’s all new to you.  By increasing trust you dramatically improve the contribution you and others make.
  • Enhance personal awareness and how best to apply it – and enjoy better performance (your own and others): e.g. you find a cynical person difficult to deal with and consider in what ways you may contribute – then find ways to improve the contact with such individuals.  You learn how you may contribute to the friction and find ways to do something about it.
  • Persuade people with ease: for example, you may know where you want the team to go and in what way.  Through coaching, other managers have enhanced how they communicate their vision or specific directions.  Result?  A team that is motivated by and committed to the manager’s desired direction – and will follow it through.   Another example is to refocus a good employee whose performance has started to become lack lustre.  And a final example is that you personally find a way that means you achieve things with ease and little apparent effort or feelings of stress.
  • Break through a block and get moving again: e.g. where you have tried several approaches to no effect – the issue may be affected by hidden patterns and underlying influences.  Now, at last, you can successfully address it and move on (without delving into the past).  And energy and interest start flowing again.

Mini examples cases

Case 1:  A senior manager’s negativity caused people to avoid him: by increasing his awareness about what impact this had on others and himself, and giving him greater choice of responses, he now is invited to contribute his experience and ideas, adding value to the decision-making process.

Case 2: A recently promoted satellite office general manager was not meeting her director’s expectations: by expanding her outlook on management and leadership, she became more proactive, communicative and inclusive in her way of working, bringing out the talents of her team and harnessing what the director had to offer.  All worked to greater effect and satisfaction.

Case 3: A manager newly appointed to director needing clarity about role and behaviour expectations: it was more about how she came across to others – through discussion and stepped practice, she gained strong skills and self-assurance in her abilities to succeed as a director – and the Managing Directors now find her a valuable member of their management teams.