Facilitating Meetings

Sometimes you know what you want to take place in a meeting.  And you also want to be directly involved in the discussions.  It is difficult, if not impossible, when acting as chair AND contributing to the topics being discussed.

This is where I come in!  Facilitating meetings is more than keeping the meeting to time.  It also includes:

  • Noticing the group dynamics and managing them for best results: for instance, able to pick up the nuances in the room and to note body language.  Bringing such matters to people’s attention without applying interpretation can help elicit information and move the conversation on
  • Focussing on the group processes and remaining uninvolved in the group task to enhance the quality of the outcome: for example, when discussion is going round in circles, identifying the barrier(s) and getting the group to work through it/them
  • Intervening appropriately to re-shape or re-focus the group:  eg ensuring all members have chances to speak; asking questions that lift the discussion to another level

For one client we helped two companies to find a way of working in partnership to develop a new service.   And for another client the team as a whole were able to agree their core values and what this meant day-to-day so that they worked together far more effectively.