Who I am


Helen Harrison UK is a small business with one owner – that’s me, Helen Harrison! It also has a select network of associates.  My associates and I have complementary values, expertise and experience.  In this way, we help you gain what you want  – and we gain what we want from working too!  We do work we like and you get the results you want and like.  And usually more.

Coming from a family of three older brothers and a younger sister (I’m second on the right in the photo), I learnt how to make the most of being part of a big, quite noisy family full of individuals with strong opinions – to get air time, to cope with the different sometimes conflicting demands and viewpoints, and to enjoy each other’s company.  I have found this has stood me in good stead during my career in human resources and people development.

I’ve usually been attracted to businesses experiencing change. In my last salaried job as Human Resources (HR) Director, this was definitely the situation.

In 1997 Helen Harrison UK was born under the name Monkswood Associates! Initially my clients were attracted by my HR expertise in organisational change.  This included developing directors in the human side of business, as a team and individually.   Over the years my interest and enjoyment has grown – as has my business – in developing people.  Alongside a regular coaching business, clients have asked me to design and/or deliver tailored workshops to meet their business needs.

To improve my ways of thinking and working, I have developed myself including through having a coach and attending a variety of training programmes – such as clean language coaching,  systemic organisational constellations,  NLP coaching, and the Three Principles.

Specific training and qualifications …

In case you like to know about specific qualifications and training, here is some information.  I have a post-graduate qualification in Personnel Management.  In addition, I am an EMCC-accredited Senior Coach-Mentor and a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).  I am a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).  Both are leading bodies in their fields of work.

For some coaching programmes, I have found it beneficial to put to use some of my other qualifications –  level ‘A’ BPS assessment tools, 16PF5, MBTI (Steps 1 and 2), FIRO-B and OPQ. I continue to develop my skills through attending workshops, peer group meetings, reading, watching videos, writing and gaining supervision.

Other ways I enjoy my time …

So for those that like to know what I enjoy doing outside work, family and friends are important.  And I am fortunate enough to live in a lovely part of the Cotswold so walking the dog with my husband, and appreciating what’s around me is easy.  In addition, we have a garden that includes a vegetable patch, which calls for my attention.  Along the way I like taking photographs and I’ve started doing zentangling.