So many people say that honesty is important to them …

and then tell a child not to say out loud that a person has a big red mark on his face.

Or tell people not to bring their personal problems to work (I remember thinking and saying this in the past!).

Or hold back telling someone about something because they’re concerned what response they’ll get.

And there are many more examples that could be mentioned.

I know I’ve said that a core value doesn’t have to be used all the time.  In fact in some instances it would be foolhardy!  The obvious one is around trust – but what about being frank all the time?  Or happy (one of my core values)?  And as for well-being, that might mean that some less than healthy food and drink would have to banned!

It’s amazing how easily we hold a value strongly and yet can do the opposite as equally easily.

I don’t have the definitive answer on practising honesty.  Working with values has heightened my awareness how complex an area it is!

Do tell me your stories and/or ideas on this matter.


3 thoughts on “Honesty

  1. Hi Helen, great post – thanks. One of my top core values is honesty so I am always interested to read what others have to say about it. Do you ever come across situations where people have become confused about the difference between honesty and privacy?

    • Hi Louise – my apologies for the delay in responding. Hopefully you will consider it is better late than never!

      So far I’ve not come across the confusion between honesty and privacy. I think it is easily possible for a person to be honest about what they consider to be private.

      In the same way that managers in organisations sometimes know confidential information which they can’t yet share. It’s best when they find a way to respect the need to keep the actual information confidential and be honest to the person asking about it that they are unable to respond on the matter they raised.

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