Working in Your Element

I’ve given a link to a video in which Ken Robinson is talking about people having a career in which they are in their element. He is entertaining in covering this important topic: Although it is supporting a book he’s written, the video content is very pertinent. Here are some quotes from it:

“we flourish under certain conditions, and wilt in other conditions”
“being good at something is not a good enough reason to do it”
“people are in their element when … they’re doing something that they have a natural capacity for … and also they have to love it”
“human talent is often buried deep”

and so much more where the quotes would be too long.

And, needless to say, it supports my views!

Can’t You Enjoy Work Without Knowing Your Core Values?

Of course you can! And I personally have enjoyed my work without consciously knowing my core values. And yet …

When you consciously know your core values you have a boundless sense of certainty and commitment to what you’re doing. Your enjoyment reaches a different dimension. What you do, say, feel, think are based on an extra foundation of assurance, confidence, which is sound in form.

Because you have this stronger internal foundation, you are likely to:

– be bolder in what you’ll try, accepting the consequences of mis-takes as an opportunity to learn. Naturally not risking anyone’s health or safety!
– find you are less dependant upon external sources of support e.g. less need to please others, less need to have other confirm you’re doing fine
– discover decision making is more straightforward
value more what you have to offer
– be more self-assured and less likely to act like a victim
– be less defensive and less attacking
– be more open to other possibilities
accept that other people may have different opinions, ideas, beliefs, etc and that’s OK

i.e. you’ll be more often you at your best!

Now you’re not going to be like this ALL the time! After all, you are human. However, you will be more consistently and more often.

How do I know? Especially as I said I enjoyed my work without consciously knowing my core values.

Well, now I am working consciously knowing – and referring to – my core values in my work. And outside work too. And I notice I have all the above more consistently and more often. In addition, I’ve spoken with other people and they have had a similar experience. Yes, they describe it in slightly different ways, but the essence is the same.

There are sure to be other ways to achieve the same results – this is the way I know other people (as well as myself) have found works! How about giving it a go?

All the best